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Our latest works:

A never overloaded hosting with great services!

  • But no, we are not like most common hosting services.
  • There is no “silver bullet”, each content type, project or system can be unique and therefore must be treated differently in hosting. Mexican cooks cannot do best European cuisine.
  • We manage our server to the core, handing security, performance, and keep them monitored.
  • We separate servers based on their targeted functionalities. The purpose is to max out server efficiency, reliability, security, scalability and performance!

Our Services

Layanan Pembangunan Website

Website Development

Some of our strengths are:

  1. We install and maintain our own web/mail server (not using third party hosting services), thus we guarantee your business web sites performance and security.
  2. We do care about content quality for your sites, we offer fast content update.
  3. We develop web sites using newest technology (MySQL 5.7, PHP 7.1) optimized for performance.,
  4. We offer free basic SEO and Google analytics and use website development cycle.
Layanan Pembangunan Perangkat Lunak (Software)

Email Service

Hassle free your company email communication. We serve a well-monitored, maintained email server for your precious business. See our price and service here.

Layanan Pembangunan Perangkat Lunak (Software)

Web System / Application Development

We are also moving towards to web system development. Using the fastest PHP Framework on the planet: Phalcon.

Layanan Instalasi Jaringan Komputer (Network)

Computer Networking

As Cisco certified network engineer with more than 5 years handling computer network for small to intermediate networking projects, this helps us on troubleshoot other IT project such as server deployment, and website/software development


About Kohesi System

[spacer height=”20px”]We are IT consultant and developer with all the experiences for 15 years.

Our clients are local and abroad private companies, schools and governments.

We have wide range of hand-on experiences in technical support, computer networking, desktop software development, server implementation (DNS, web, mail, anti-spam, anti-virus), and web-related technologies.

We care a lot with high quality deliverable, that includes performance and security.

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