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Display unlimited contents continuously (looping):

Videos, Photo Slideshow, Running Texts and News

From Computer to TV (or another HDMI monitor)

Mediatv Content B

  • Content management simply uses Windows Explorer,
  • Possible to use multiple MediaTV content folder for different projects (content groups),
  • MediaTV will read all files recursively,

What is MediaTV for?

Basically when you need to display promotions, archive contents, and other interesting contents to people. It is best to be placed in any public areas, such as: at school, at park, at receptionist area, in waiting rooms at hospital, in cafe, and at any places which are people can enjoy your contents!

MediaTV Features

  • Support dual monitor (still works with single monitor). When dual monitor is available, you can use the secondary monitor (TV) for displaying contents, while the primary monitor (Computer Screen) can be used by user for other computer works.
  • Support multiple contents type to be displayed at once. Or otherwise some content type can be disabled to get different content presentation. For example you can play video only, or slideshow only. When being set to display single picture, TV display will act like a banner.
  • Support unlimited content files! Files that are being shown loaded into memory only when needed, thus computer CPU and RAM are always used efficiently.
  • Auto re-display contents when TV previously had been disconnected (and connected back again).
  • The software and contents are very easy to manage. To manage contents you just use standard Windows Explorer to collect and sort content to display.
  • Multiple sound cards (sound adapters) are detectable. One preferred output port can be chosen .
  • Audio can be muted or audio volume can be decreased/increased by using OS audio control.
  • Can save configuration

MediaTV Hardware Requirements

  • The computer specs depend on how “big” your video quality files are. HD videos need more CPU and RAM to play. The recommended requirements are computer with intel i3 CPU and RAM 4 GB. We tested on dual core CPU and worked fine when you do not play HD videos, also not using the computer for other heavy tasks.
  • Display Adapter (VGA Card) with multiple output ports is a must when you want to support dual monitor. Recommended ports combination is VGA+HDMI or DVI+HDMI, where HDMI connects to the TV.
  • Other hardware are independent . You may use any brand or type of computer, HDMI cable length, TV screen resolution, etc. as long as dual monitor is detected by Windows OS then MediaTV will work fine.
  • Optionally using additional HDMI splitter to get multiple output TV to display the same contents in several locations.

MediaTV Licensing & Pricing

  • License is per PC.
  • IDR 500.000 per PC.
  • USD 35 per PC via PayPal.
  • Free upgrade for 1 year.
  • DISCOUNT 50% if you are willing to share your result by sending us 1 or 2 pictures of TV with your original contents, and we get your permission to post them on our website.
  • FREE life time update! – No additional charges to download new version

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– What OS is supported?

Only Microsoft Windows (XP, 7, 8.x, 10). Also .NET Framework 4 must be installed.

– Can I get software trial?

Yes, contact us to get a 14 days trial with 2 hours runtime each session.

– Can I get refund when software fail to work?

Yes, but only when the software has bugs. Missing features are not covered by our guarantee.

– Can the software be customized to our needs?

Yes, for free if easy request, but for more difficult request additional charges may apply.

– Can I get support after installing the software?

Yes of course, support can use WhatsApp or TeamViewer remote software. But please we encourage you to first get friendly with the software before asking for support since the software is self-explanatory, easy to use, easy to understand.

– Can you also the hardware and do all installation?

Yes / No, expected in Jabodetabek area.

– What is so different from similar software?

What you may see in mini markets, most of similar software can only play single video file, the user must first combine multiple videos or pictures files into one file using a special software. Also most similar software is lacking of other content types such as pictures slideshow, running text and news.

Another thing is, most similar software does not support dual monitor. Although MediaTV can still perfectly work with single monitor, but the main advantage of using dual monitor is that the user can still perform his/her other tasks on the computer. In other word, you do not need to invest or buy another computer/PC dedicated for connecting to the TV / monitor.

– Screen on HDMI monitor slightly got cut off at edge?

This is not a software bug. Depending on your TV brand, the issue can be resolved by setting “Overscan” or “Display Auto Area”. Please google up “computer to monitor TV cropped at edge” for more solution for your TV brand.


Download MediaTV Software Trial

– Download the software version 2.8 for Windows XP, 7, 8, 10

For 32 bit OS: https://www.kohesi.com/file/mediatv/MediaTV-Software-32bit.zip 

For 64 bit OS: https://www.kohesi.com/file/mediatv/MediaTV-Software-64bit.zip

Please extract to D:\ (for example). This will create D:\MediaTV-Software-…Bit folder automatically.

– Download and install .NET Framework 4 (Optional)

You only need to download and install this library / framework whenever your computer has not yet been installed.

Link download: https://www.kohesi.com/file/mediatv/dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe (this is an exact copy of official Microsoft release, if you doubt you may want to download from Microsoft site)

– Download Sample Contents

Link download: https://www.kohesi.com/file/mediatv/MediaTV-Konten.zip

Please extract to D:\ (for example). This will create D:\MediaTV-Konten folder automatically.

 – To run the software

After extracting the zip archives, you do not need to install the software. MediaTV software is a portable software which runs without installation.

To run the software please double click file Kohesi.MediaTV.exe (application) in Windows Explorer. Optionally you may want to create program shortcut on your Desktop.

After having it running, please do the followings:


MediaTV software trial will have some nag screens, in order to avoid this, please contact us to buy licenses. Thank you.